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Catskiers of the Storm

Jim Morrison: part poet, part musician, and now legend made his song “Riders of the Storm” by the Doors from their 1971 album L.A. Woman, infamous for his poems and lyrics.. “Take a long holiday Let your children play If ya give this man a ride” Well I took his words to heart… As I […]

Sliding on tranquility

Ever since november, Ive been teaming up with Scott Martin, who works for catskiing Canada. I’ve been going around with him to cat operations and taking photos to really emphasize and capture how amazing catboarding and skiing is. I love getting phone calls from Scott because it’s been a call to get me the heck […]

Cat Skiing Montana with a Perma

“Don’t mix business with pleasure”. We’ve all heard the mantra, right? WRONG. I knew that this “Cannon” hadn’t been heard in Whitefish, Montana. Even if it had, I would bet the crew members at Great Northern Powder Guides had their ears so packed with fresh powder that it would be impossible to hear it anyway. […]

San Juan Snowcat

“ I love driving snow cats I’ll tell ya that, I love snowboarding more, but driving snowcats is a close 2nd place, I feel lucky everyday I get to do this” says Bob Vita, while driving the Snowcat, ferrying a group of eager Aspen powder hounds to the top of South Bowl. It’s late January […]